PRELA GLOBAL GROUP are direct to many of the world's most reputable suppliers. As you are familiar with the physical metals Market you will know that prices fluctuate daily, because prices depend upon many variable factors. We cannot give quotes without knowing the Buyer's full requirements and desired terms and conditions. Once we have sufficient detail we will respond with Soft Offer.

There is no supplier in the world that is capable of supplying unlimited quantities of scrap. Our Sellers are continually trying to source scrap products and reach new suppliers and yard owners for their buyers. Where possible, we try to work with scrap suppliers who are able to invite the buyer for a site visit or show proof of product, once the contract is operative.

Scrap metal is a very difficult business. You would notice on the internet, thousands of people claiming themselves as genuine suppliers of Scrap metal but actually 99% of them have just a computer, sitting in their apartments, trying to get orders from buyers and then trying to find sellers.


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